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Thermostatics radiator valve (TRV)


The electronic thermostatic head is used to control the radiator heating. An excellent replacement for a traditional manual thermostatic head. For proper operation of the TRV head, it is necessary to synchronize it with a wireless thermostat using the CO10RF coordinator or the UGE600 universal gateway (sold separately). The head paired with SALUS Smart Home series thermostats provides a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the entire room, not just the radiator.
Up to 6 heads can be paired with one thermostatin one room.

Product advantages:
• auto-fitting to the valve insert
• key lock (ideal when you have children)
• antifreeze protection

Product advantages

Power supply2 x AA batteries
CommunicationZigBee 2.4 GHz
Thread sizeM30 x 1.5
Dimension [mm]50 x 90 x 50

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