SALUS Smart Home products

Temperature Temperature

UGE600 Universal Gateway UGE600
SQ610 Quantum thermostat 230V SQ610
SQ610RF Quantum thermostat SQ610RF
VS10WRF Wireless digital thermostat 230V VS10WRF
VS10BRF Wireless digital thermostat 230V VS10BRF
VS20WRF Wireless digital thermostat VS20WRF
VS20BRF Wireless digital thermostat VS20BRF
HTRS-RF(30) Wireless digital thermostat HTRS-RF(30)
HTRP-RF(50) Wireless digital thermostat HTRP-RF(50)
HTR-RF(20) Wireless digital thermostat HTR-RF(20)
KL08RF Wiring centre, for 8 zones KL08RF
KL04RF Wiring centre extension for KL08RF KL04RF
T30NC / T28NC Thermoelectric actuator T30NC / T28NC
T30NO Thermoelectric actuator - normally open NO T30NO
THB23030 Self-regulating actuator THB23030
TRV10RFM Thermostatics radiator valve (TRV) TRV10RFM
TRV28RFM Thermostatics radiator valve (TRV) TRV28RFM
TRV10RAM Thermostatics radiator valve (TRV) TRV10RAM
TP-10 Tamper-proof housing for TRV10RAM. TP-10
TP28-30 Tamper-proof housing for TRV heads TP28-30
FC600 Fan coil thermostat FC600
FC600-M 0-10V The module is designed for fans with an EC motor FC600-M 0-10V
RX10RF Heat source control module - receiver RX10RF
PS600 Wireless temperature sensor PS600
TS600 Temperature sensor TS600
KL04RF 24V Wiring centre extension for KL08RF KL04RF 24V
KL08RF24V Wiring centre, for 8 zones KL08RF24V
FS300 Temperature sensor FS300

Lighting Lighting

UGE600 Universal Gateway UGE600
SR600 Smart Relay SR600
SPE600 Smart Plug SPE600
RS600 Roller shutter RS600

Roller shutters and gates Roller shutters and gates

UGE600 Universal Gateway UGE600
RS600 Roller shutter RS600

Safety Safety

UGE600 Universal Gateway UGE600
WLS600 Water leak sensor WLS600
SD600 Smoke detector SD600
SW600 Window/door sensors (slim) SW600
OS600 Window/door sensors OS600
RS600 Roller shutter RS600
MS600 Motion sensor MS600


UGE600 Universal Gateway UGE600
SB600 Button - activator for OneTouch rules SB600
CSB600 Button - activator for OneTouch rules (single) CSB600
RE600 ZigBee network repeater RE600
RE10RF ZigBee network repeater RE10RF
CO10RF ZigBee network coordinator CO10RF
SRS600 An elegant housing for mounting SR600 / RS600 / RE600 SRS600
VSTC Tamper-proof housing for VS20WRF/VS20BRF thermostat VSTC
08RFA External antenna for KL08RF wiring centre 08RFA
CDEU Charging station for SQ610RF and WQ610RF thermostat CDEU
UGE600 UGE600* Universal Gateway
AppStore Google Play Application* Application*

*Necessary for the system to operate