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Temperature sensor


Floor sensor (e.g. for installation in the floor). Thanks to the appropriate thickness and rigidity, dedicated to protect underfloor heating. It allows you to measure the air temperature in a room at a distance.

Compatible with thermostats:
• Expert HTR series: HTRP230, BTRP230 • NSB Expert series: VS30W, VS30B, VS35W, VS35B • Smart Home series: SQ610, SQ610RF, VS10WRF, VS10BRF, VS20WRF
VS20BRF, HTRS-RF(30), HTRP-RF(50), TS600
• FC600 fan coil thermostat

Product advantages

Measuring range-10°C - 100°C
ThermistorNTC 10 kΩ
Cord length3m
Cross-section2 x 0.5 mm2

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