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Heat source control module - receiver


The module is the executive element in the SALUS Smart Home system and is started on the basis of a heating signal from thermostats from the same network. It can replace the wired connection between KL08RF wiring centre and the boiler. In a system with heads, TRV is an optional element that activates the heat source.For RX10RF to work with SALUS Smart Home wireless thermostats, it must be used together with the CO10RF coordinator (Offline) or the UGE600 universal gateway (Online) and the SALUS Smart Home application.

The module can work as a receiver:
• groups of thermostats (RX1 mode) – reacts to the command to heat any thermostat in the ZigBee network (heat source control)
• one thermostat (RX2 mode) – reacts to the command to heat only one thermostat in the ZigBee network (controlling one zone or hot water timer in combination with thermostats VS10..RF / VS20..RF)

Product advantages

Power supply230V AC 50 Hz
Rating max16 (5) A
CommunicationZigBee 2.4 GHz
Dimension [mm]145 x 100 x 35

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