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Quantum thermostat 230V


Flush-mounted, multi-functional thermostat with humidity sensor. A unique feature of this thermostat is the possibility of WIRELESS control of SALUS Smart Home series devices and WIRED control of devices that connect directly to it (e.g. wiring centre, boiler).

• Online:
• wirelessly – using the SALUS Smart Home application and the UGE600 universal gateway
• wired when the thermostat is directly connected to the receiver (e.g. wiring centre) and when the SALUS Smart Home application with the UGE600 gateway is used

• Offline (without internet connection) – with the CO10RF coordinator use.
• Wired (without UGE600 internet gateway and without CO10RF coordinator), when the controller is directly connected to the (for e.g.) wiring centre

Product advantages:
• you can create your own temperature schedules
• it has a built-in humidity sensor,
• you can choose desired control algorithms:
ITLC, Hysteresis ± 0.5 ° C or ± 0.25 ° C, THB actuator
• valve protection
• thermostat has comfort WARM FLOOR function
• you can lock thermostat’s buttons by the PIN and set limits for the set temperature
• it has a multi-functional input: temperature sensor (floor or air), occupancy sensor, OneTouch rules
• mounting in a wall-box φ60
• works as a repeater, increasing the range of the ZigBee network

Product advantages

Power supply 230V AC 50 Hz
Max curren3 (1) A
Temperature range5 - 40ºC
Display temperature accuracy0.5ºC or 0.1°C
Control algorithmITLC or Histereza: ±0.25°C / ±0.5°C THB
CommunicationWireless, ZigBee 2.4 GHz
S1/S2 multifunctional input:Floor temperature sensor, External air sensor, Occupancy sensor, One Touch rule trigger, Heating/Cooling modes changeover
Output controlCOM / NO (volt-free)
Working temperature0 - 45ºC
IP protection classIP30
Dimension [mm]86 x 86 x 28
Thickness after mounting in a wall-box φ60 [mm]10

SALUS SMART HOME application

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