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Temperature sensor


It is a surface-mounted sensor and a thermostat for wireless control
of SALUS Smart Home devices. Installation and configuration are
carried out using the SALUS Smart Home application, the UGE600
universal gateway is also required for operation. In Online mode it can
communicate with devices such as: KL08RF wiring centre, mini TRV
radiator head, RX10RF receiver, SR600 smart relay and SPE600 smart

Product advantages:
• has an input for an additional sensor (floor or air temperature)
• intuitive configuration of parameters in the application
• work according to schedules created in the application

Product advantages

Power supply2 x AA baterries
Temperature range5 - 35°C
Display temperature accuracy0.5°C (only in the app)
Control algorithmTPI or Hysteresis: ±0.25°C or ±0.5°C
CommunicationZigBee 2.4 GHz
Dimension [mm]51 x 85 x 26

SALUS SMART HOME application

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