Smart Home Scenarios / Sleeping mode


Sleeping mode

You're getting ready to sleep
Pressing the button activates a programmed OneTouch rule
The house goes to sleep with you: the lights in the bedroom go out and the blinds close

How to set the scenario in the mobile application?

See, step by step, what to do to put your home to sleep

Go to the SALUS Smart Home application
Select the Devices tab and the OneTouch subpage
Select the One Touch rule type "OR"
Set the rule
WHEN... CSB600 was pressed
OR WHEN... Pressed the Run Now button
DO THIS Option for Smart Plug in the bedroom Off
THEN DO THIS Close the blinds in the bedroom
Save the rule

Products used in the scenario

OneTouch button CSB600
Smart Plug SPE600
Roller shutter controller RS600
Internet Gateway UGE600